• Built from a 1947 Chevrolet Stylemaster Sport Sedan, rebuilt as a convertible for easier lighting and visibility
  • The car is supported by tri-swivel zero-throw caster which make moving the vehicle easy even when loaded with actors.
  • Every horizontal surface from the front bumper to the back seat is capable of supporting at least 200 pounds. The hood and bumpers have been reinforced for standing and dancing.
  • The body, dashboard, steering wheel, and hubcaps are original to the vehicle with a new frame and upholstery built for use on stage.
  • A fake engine block completes the look of the interior of the vehicle before the hood is added.
  • The driver's side has been left unrestored so the car can be used in early scenes before it gets repaired.
  • With the hood removed, it can come onstage as the car Kenickie pushes into the garage.
Greased Lightning Transport Guide
Greased Lightning User Manual


The Greased Lightning prop car rents for $900 per week.
Two week minimum rental required.
Shipping costs quoted separately.

Greased Lightning Rental Car Prop Greased Lightning Custom Prop


We have a full line of props and costumes available for rent. Ask us about our Grease Show Package!

For further rental information, please contact our Sales Specialists at (816) 523-1655 or by email info@atoztheatrical.com